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What is H2O Natural Liquid?

H2O NATURAL LIQUID is an ecological and biodegradable fluid that replaces mineral oil inside radiators, substantially improving its performance without modifying its design.


It is about carrying out a cyclical process in the use of natural resources. When the life of these products ends, as they come from nature, they can be returned to it, obtaining a zero environmental impact.


The temperature is acquired in a similar way to traditional radiators but on another hand a higher performance is achieved rather than with the use of mineral oi l obtaining higher working temperatures.


Due to the physical properties of H O H2O NATURAL LIQUID, the devices that uses it accumulate more energy and dissipate heat more efficiently.

Our company

Compañía Pineda Álvarez is a company specialized in the production of climate control systems based in Seville (Spain). The company manufactures appliances with energy efficient solutions for climate control. CIA Pineda Álvarez is ethical and responsible for the environment which main goal is to contribute to a better and cleaner world.


The core value is based on the quality of the production process and the continuous development of new technologies. The result is a quality product designed so the end customer can obtain a sustainable product with the environment.


The commitment with the future and main goal is to dedicate its greatest efforts to incorporate ecology in all phases of production and have a lower impact on the planet. That is why our company begins to create valuable ecological products that serve as a guide for many other projects.


Our R&D&I laboratory was created in 2018 to carry out these goals, which is now a reality.

Design and sustainability

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Regulations and Certifications


Do you want to receive more information about Ecofluid Radiators? We will be happy to assist you.

Phone: 955 741 038
Email: info@naturalliquidh2o.com

Compañía Pineda Álvarez, S.L.

P.I Santa Isabel – Alicatadores, 23

C.P. 41520 El Viso del Alcor – Sevilla – Spain

    Production Process

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