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What is H2O Natural Liquid?

In 2018 we had an idea, we wanted to stop using mineral oil in oil heaters all over the world to replace it with a sustainable fluid that would reduce the carbon footprint and be totally biodegradable.


We achieve this and much more. H2O NATURAL LIQUID is not only 100% ecological, it also reduces electricity consumption for the user, thus reducing the impact on our planet, in this way future generations will enjoy a slightly cleaner planet.


H2O NATURAL LIQUID is a completely ecological and biodegradable fluid that replaces the mineral oil inside oil heaters, without the need to alter the design.


Thanks to the H2O Natural Liquid fluid, the temperature is up to 30% higher than conventional oil heaters, increasing performance.

Join the eco-technological revolution of
H2O Natural liquid

Help us make this project go global. Our goal is for H2O Natural liquid to be used throughout the world, every day that passes millions of liters of mineral oil are dumped into the environment, polluting our world, dependence on oil is too great and we must change course by stopping using oil and polluting resources.

Join the eco-technological revolution of H2O Natural liquid.

WIFi connection in the R-Ecofluid Wall Mounted Heater and Radiators 2

Models with H2O Natural Liquid 


Heaters with H2O
Natural Liquid are designed according to the
EcoDesign ErP 2018 LOT20 regulation.

Comparative graphs of ET-Ecofluid

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Donate with us and help us to make this project
go global. You can do it by buying one of
our products or making a donation



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